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02. Always credit when using anything and do not hotlink my graphics.
03. My old icons can be found @ mmedley
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kristen stewart

i'm back (well, sort of)

Oh dear lord! It's being FOREVER since I have posted here, but life has been so crazy busy lately and I've also been less than inspired for making a huge icon batch, I usually just make a few of them for my personal use, but since making icons is really fun to me lately I've been thinking about getting a little bit back posting them on my lj. And that's why I've made a few changes here, I've given this a LOT of thinking and I've decided to leave mmedley  community, it has been a great year and a half there but I feel its the right thing to do - for me and the community since I'm not able to update regularly I don't see the point to take a place of someone that can contribute better. I'm always going to be grateful to them for having me there <3

So, I'll go back to posting my icons here, I'll post graphics as public posts but I'll lock the personal stuff so this journal will be something like 93% public and 7% private, and feel free to add me but if you want me to add you back please let me know in the semi-friends only post. Tomorrow I'll post a new icon batch - with old and new icons (all from tv shows - mostly from glee).
across the universe

72 icons

Aff long time to post those, but work has been crazy and my pc also broke a few weeks ago :(
anyway I'm back with a new batch of icons, some of them are new, but the others (like tvd, greek and kstew ones) are kind of old but since I'm without pictures to make new icons I decided to post those old ones anyway, hope you like them and I'll try to post more often :)

[001-008] Amanda Seyfried
[009-016] Gossip Girl (Season 3)
[017-024] Glee Cast (EW Shoot)
[025-036] Kristen Stewart
[037-044] Ashley Greene
[045-060] Greek (Season 3)
[061-072] The Vampire Diaries


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kristen stewart

72 icons

Since I have more free time now, because my classes have been suspended, I posted my second batch at mmedley, some are kind of old like the grey's ones that I did for a friend but forgotten to post and since I don't have more pictures I decided to post them too lol

[001-012] Chuck
[013-024] Gossip Girl - spoilerish
[025-036] Kristen Stewart
[037-040] New Moon
[041-052] The Time Traveler's Wife
[053-072] Grey's Anatomy


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across the universe

78 icons

Thanks to the girls @ mmedley, I'm now posting my icons there, and thinking of making this journal friends only soon so if you like my graphics, please join mmedley! Below are my first post there! lol

[001 - 006] Zooey Deschanel
[007 - 015] Jim Sturgess
[016 - 022] Across the Universe
[023 - 036] Emma Watson
[037 - 048] Gossip Girl - spoilerish
[049 - 057] Sophia Bush
[058 - 078] Skins


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